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John Whitman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton MBA Health Care Management Program with a specialization in aging and long-term care. John has dedicated his 30 years of professional work to improving care for one of our nation’s most precious resources…. Our seniors! During that time, John developed a nationally respected consulting company focused totally on care of the elderly in all settings and preaching the smooth transition of patients along the continuum to assure the best level of care, at the right time in the patients recovery and at the best cost to the system. John knowledge and understanding of the flow of senior patients from hospital, to post acute, to long term care and/or back into the community works and how to optimize that process for the good of the patient and for the economical well being of the organizations involved in that process.

John has worked with literally hundreds of hospitals and health care systems in developing various post acute strategies, implementing programs in demand, coordinating and refining existing programs and services and promoting better quality of care for seniors while doing so in a way that is economically viable and sustainable for the hospitals and health care systems involved.

John has been a faculty member at The Wharton School’s MBA Health and Management Program for 19 years and is also on the Dean’s Advisory Board at Drexel University’s School of Public Health.

Seven years ago, John founded and is the executive director of The TRECS Institute, a non-profit dedicated to serving as a catalyst to bring about positive changes in the care of our nations seniors. TRECS completed a long overdue study on the quality of dental care available for our nation’s 1.6 million nursing facility residents and found it to be almost non-existent! The team of experts assembled for that study however, also identified a workable solution that is to be piloted this spring in Florida and if it proves successful, launched nationally over the next year. Other research looking into the use of nurse practitioner to help train and retain staff, and the entire process of how medications are ordered, fulfilled, delivered and administered within the nursing facility environment was tackled in a one day, invitation only summit held at the Wharton School and titled: “Rethinking the Pharmaceutical Paradigm in Long Term Care.”

In 2008 John Co Founded a new privately held start up company called RevolutionCare dedicated to

improving the quality of life and reducing the cost of care to two of our nation’s most vulnerable cohorts within the senior population: nursing home residents and homebound seniors living in the community.

The goal is that RevolutionCare will ultimately revolutionize the way America care’s for these vulnerable seniors.

John’s years of hands on experience and working knowledge of care for the elderly at all levels makes him a valuable resource for any organization looking to improve care and be cost effectiveness.

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  • HCMG8550 - Mgmt of HC for the Elderly

    This half-credit course is designed to provide students with an appreciation of the good, the bad and the ugly of how our current health care system cares for one of our nation's most precious resources - our seniors! This course will review care provided to seniors within a variety of institutional settings (hospitals, nursing facilities, various senior housing levels) as well as outpatient and home care services. Special attention will be paid to nursing homes and senior housing options and their past, present and future role within the overall health care system in the United States. The course will start with an overview of the senior population with special attention to their health and social needs. Several classes will be held off campus at selected nursing facilities and senior housing complexes. In addition, a broad range of special programs and services will be reviewed such as sub-acute care, long term care insurance, Medicare Risk Programs, elderly housing, adult day care, managed care, Medicare Part D, case management, hospice and other recent developments. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on entrepreneurial opportunities to serve the senior market at all levels. Students are required to produce a paper for this course that focuses on a specific area impacting the senior market. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to select an area of personal interest and conduct an in depth review of that area including making direct contact with national experts within the topic selected. All student topics must be approved during the first two weeks of class and the depth of research required agreed upon by the by the student and the instructor. Interested students not in the HCMG major are urged to speak to the instructor before enrolling in the course.

  • HCMG8990 - Independent Study

    Arranged with members of the Faculty of the Health Care Systems Department. For further information contact the Department office, Room 204, Colonial Penn Center, 3641 Locust Walk, 898-6861.

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  • MBA: Excellence in Teaching Award, 2011-2012

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