Health Care Management and Policy Concentration

The Health Care Management Department offers the “Health Care Management and Policy” concentration to Wharton undergraduates who wish to learn about health care markets and factors that significantly influence decision making both at the policy level and at the level of the firm or organization. Health care management is an exciting field, which to the undergraduate major, offers excellent career opportunities in private health care corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Four courses are required for the concentration. With eight health care electives and the opportunity to take selected MBA-level health care management courses, students are able to integrate core general management skills with sophisticated understanding of the institutions of health care, a combination which health care leaders and executives value highly in new graduates. Additional information can be found at Health Care Management and Policy Concentration.


  • HCMG 1010: Health Care Systems

Plus three of the following:

  • HCMG 2020: Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery
  • HCMG 2040: Comparative Health Care Systems
  • HCMG 2130: Health Care Management and Strategy
  • HCMG 2150: Management and Economics Of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
  • HCMG 2500: Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health System
  • HCMG 3220: The Health Care Ecosystem: Evolution, Structure and Current Issues
  • HCMG 3330: Leading the Health Care Workforce
  • HCMG 3520: Health Services Delivery: A Managerial Economic Approach
  • HCMG 3570: Healthcare Data and Analytics (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 3910: Health Care Entrepreneurship

Students may also take MBA-level courses towards their three electives, providing they satisfy the necessary prerequisites and are admitted to the course. Note that seating is limited, and only courses with open seats will be available to non-MBA students.