MBA Program: Admissions


Applicants to the Health Care Management (HCM) Program undergo the same admissions process as any MBA applicant to the Wharton School. The intention to major in Health Care Management must be clearly stated in answering the question asked on the Application Form for “an intended major” or “areas of interest.” The Application essays offer applicants an opportunity to discuss their interests and background in the health care field and their motivation to pursue the Health Care Management Major. All applications to the HCM Program are reviewed by the Wharton Admissions Committee and by June Kinney, Associate Director of the Health Care Management Program. Final admission decisions are made by the Wharton Admissions Committee. Please visit here for more information.


In addition to the credentials and qualities articulated by the Wharton Admissions Office, candidates for the Health Care Management (HCM) Program must demonstrate an abiding interest and passion for meeting the business and leadership challenges posed by the health care field. The department looks for many types of interests and backgrounds in order to create a microcosm of the health care industry within each class. If applicants wish to explore whether the Health Care Program meets their educational needs and fit with the Program, the department is happy to arrange either a telephone conversation or a meeting with June Kinney, the Associate Director.


Candidates are invited for interviews by the Wharton Admissions Office based on its review of the Application. Recipients of an invitation to interview should schedule two interviews-one with the Wharton Admissions Office and one with June Kinney in the Health Care Management Program. The HCM Program interview focuses on career goals in health care and gives applicants an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about the Program and its ability to meet their particular educational needs. To arrange the HCM Program interview, call 215-898-6861 or email Janice Singleton at