PhD Program: Requirements

The Program involves about 2 years of formal course work and directed research, followed by a dissertation which generally takes 2 years to complete. Students normally complete all degree requirements in 4-5 years. The first year of course work is normally spent on quantitative methods, economics, and courses in a selected disciplinary cluster. Students also complete two health care systems courses during the first year. The second year and the first half of the third year are devoted to the remaining health care systems courses as well as other courses in the disciplinary cluster. The third and fourth years are spent on full-time dissertation research. To be admitted to doctoral candidacy, students must complete all course requirements and pass a preliminary examinations that focuses on health, economics, microceconomics, and cost-effectiveness at the end of the second year.


Summary of Requirements Course Units

Health Care Systems 6
Statistics 2
Microeconomics 2
Major Disciplinary Cluster 6

Total Course Units 16