Elective Courses for Non-Wharton Students

Health care management is interdisciplinary in nature, requiring broad knowledge of institutions, organizational behavior, life sciences, economic incentives and the many factors that shape the supply and demand of health care services and therapies. Students from other schools on campus such as Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing are eligible to enroll in any of the undergraduate health care management courses offered by the Health Care Management Department. Students contemplating careers in clinical medicine, nursing, dentistry, or biomedical sciences have found that knowledge and understanding of the organizational and economic context in which they will be working is fundamental to their effectiveness as a health professional. Many students who are not in pre-professional tracks but who have an interest in rounding out their liberal arts education or who may want to enter a health care career in a non-clinical role have also benefited from the offerings in health care management. Every health care management course draws students from programs across the University which reflects the complexity of the health care system itself and enhances the learning experience for all students.