MBA Program Major Requirements

The major requires five credit units. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis cannot be counted toward the Health Care Management Major.

a) Two required courses (2 cu):

  • HCMG 841 The Health Services System
  • HCMG 653 Health Care Field Application Project

b) Three full credit units selected from the following:

  • HCMG 845 Managed Care and the Industrial Organization of Health Care
  • HCMG 849 Financial Management of Health Institutions
  • HCMG 850 Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health System
  • HCMG 852 Health Care Services Delivery: A Managerial Economic Approach
  • HCMG 853 Management and Strategy in Medical Devices and Technology
  • HCMG 855 Management of Health Care for the Elderly (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 857 Healthcare Data and Analytics (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 859 Comparative Health Care Systems
  • HCMG 860 Managing Health Care Organizations
  • HCMG 863 Management & Economics of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
  • HCMG 866 E-Health: Business Models and Impact (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 867 Health Care Entrepreneurship (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 868 Private Sector Development in Global Health Development (.5 cu)
  • HCMG 890-001 Advanced Study Project Seminar: Management of Health Service Businesses
  • HCMG 890-401 ASP: Opportunities and Challenges in Africa: Healthcare and Business in Ethiopia (.5)
  • HCMG 899 Independent Study

MBA Advisor: June Kinney (telephone: 215.898.6861 email: