MBA Program

The Health Care Management major builds on the established strength of the management core to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues of the health care industry. The manager’s role in health care organizations continues to grow in importance, as the rapidly changing health care industry becomes the nation’s second largest employer. A Wharton health care major is unusually well-qualified to respond to the many critical problems now faced by hospitals, government agencies, group practices, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, insurance and managed care organizations, and consulting firms.

Health Care majors draw on a rich variety of elective courses across the university, including courses in the behavioral and applied social sciences, biomedical sciences, and social policy. They also benefit from an interdisciplinary faculty based in the business, medical, and nursing schools, together with adjunct faculty from area health and science organizations. The program is closely associated with the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI), founded in 1967 to facilitate the university’s activities and programs of research and education in health services financing and delivery. LDI provides a geographic center and supporting staff, with faculty drawn from schools and departments throughout the university.

The Health Care Management major differs from others at Wharton in that: (1) students must choose the major at the time of application to Wharton, and (2) it integrates academic and professional development, helping students to obtain summer and permanent positions in all parts of the health care sector, including consulting firms, biotechnology, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, insurers, and government agencies. The department also sponsors a mentor program and links students to the Wharton Health Care Alumni Association.

Most students in health care-related dual degree programs complete the Health Care Management major. The MD/MBA and MSN/MBA are the most common dual degree programs, among several other options.