MBA Program

The Health Care Management major builds on the established strength of the core curriculum to provide expertise in the complex and distinctive features of the dynamic and rapidly changing health care industry.  Wharton health care majors are unusually well-qualified for careers in management, consulting, and investing in diverse areas within health care space, including health care delivery, services, managed care, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, information technology, and entrepreneurship.  .

Health Care majors draw on a rich variety of electives within the Health Care Management Department, other Wharton Departments, and courses across the university. They also benefit from an interdisciplinary faculty based in Wharton, the Perelman School of Medicine, and other Penn schools and departments, along with adjunct faculty with extensive practical experience.

The Health Care Management major differs from others at Wharton in that:

  1. Students must choose the major at the time of application to Wharton, and
  2. The major integrates academic and professional development, helping students to obtain summer and permanent positions.

The Health Care Management Department also sponsors an alumni mentor program and benefits from strong links to the Wharton Health Care Alumni Association. Students in health care-related dual degree programs, including the MD/MBA,  generally complete the Health Care Management major.

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