Research Papers / Publications

  • Michael Sinkinson, Amanda Starc (Under Review), Ask Your Doctor? Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals.    Abstract
  • Keith Ericson, Amanda Starc (Forthcoming), "Pricing Regulation and Imperfect Competition on the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange".    Abstract
  • Amanda Starc (2015), "Measuring Consumer Valuation of Limited Provider Networks", American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings    Abstract
  • Charlene Wong, Maarten Sap, Andrew Schwartz, Robert J. Town, Tom Baker, Lyle Ungar, Raina M. Merchant (2015), Twitter Sentiment Predicts Affordable Care Act Marketplace Enrollment, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 17 (2), e51.  Abstract
  • Matthew Grennan, Robert J. Town (Under Review), Regulating Innovation with Uncertain Quality: Information, Risk, and Access in Medical Devices.    Abstract  Related Materials
  • Jason Abaluck, Jonathan Gruber, Ashley Swanson (Under Review), Prescription Drug Use under Medicare Part D: A Linear Model of Nonlinear Budget Sets.    Abstract
  • Ashley Swanson, Matthew Grennan (Working), Transparency and Negotiated Prices: The Value of Information in Hospital-Supplier Bargaining.  Abstract
  • Erin Taylor, Evan Saltzman, Sebastian Bauhoff, Rosalie Pacula, Christine Eibner (2015), More Choice In Health Insurance Marketplaces May Reduce The Value Of The Subsidies Available To Low-Income Enrollees, Health Affairs, 34 (1), 104 - 110.
  • Gautam Gowrisankaran, Aviv Nevo, Robert J. Town (2015), "Estimating the Price Impact of Hospital Mergers: An Analysis of Inova's Proposed Acquisition of Prince William Hospital", American Economic Review, 105 (1), 172 - 203.    Abstract